How to Use

01 From Registration to Curation

1 Register as a Curator

Enter the necessary information to register yourself as a curator.

2 Add beautiful images as wallpapers & Curate your own collections

Add images you like from the web or your computer. You could also create your own curation collections.
Minimum size for adding images is W 500 x H 935, and the final size will be W 1080 x H 1920 after uploading them as wallpapers.

3 Request for Approval

When you are ready to submit wallpapers or collections, request for approval of your contents after saving.

4 Receive Email from LINE DECO

After the review, you will receive an Email(s) from LINE DECO about the status of your contents.
If your contents are failed to get approved, please check the guideline carefully for the future submission.

5 Your wallpapers/collections are in LINE DECO!

Your approved contents will be on LINE DECO soon!

02 Participate as an Artist

You could also participate as a LINE DECO Artist after officially acknowledged by LINE DECO.
If you want to be an official LINE DECO Artist, please send us a link to your portfolio anytime.
We will go through carefully and respond to your request soon.
Send to :

03 Account Registration

If you do not have a LINE account yet, please download the app on your smartphone and create one. Get LINE >
You can also register with your Facebook account.